Feeling like you are buried in spread sheets when tracking your sales numbers?

  • Situation:
    • Tracking sales and forecast information has become a major problem for most sales managers. Market dynamics are constantly changing and keeping up to date with information from their sales force is quite difficult.
  • Cause:
    • The root of this situation lies in that most sales managers continue to use traditional methods to compile and track sales information. A large number of companies still use spread sheets.
  • How can this impact your company:
    • Your company can be negatively impacted by losing potential business opportunities due to the inability to properly track sales prospects. In many cases, this can result in a significant loss of revenue due to poor forecasting and late reaction to market changes.
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  • Solution and Net Benefit:
    • The implementation of CUBE Sales Management has helped companies to effectively address this situation. By centralizing the management of the sales process, managers are able to access and stay current with the information provided by their sales staff in real time. Improving the tracking of your sales results and having access to your information in real time will make you more effective when making decisions. Thus far, we have seen customer improvement of up to 40% in sales performance.