Top 3 Reasons Why It Might Be Difficult to Achieve Your Sales Goals

  • Does your sales strategy have a clear target?
    • A recent survey found that most sales managers believe they have a clear idea of the overall sales goals for their sales teams; however, when they were asked to break down the numbers, only 10% were able to identify where their sales numbers came from. Upon completion of the survey, 50% of the participants acknowledged that their sales plans were not well-defined.
    • Meanwhile, 100% of the participants understood that having clear sales expectations is imperative to the success of their businesses. After we showed them CUBE Sales Forecast, 91% of the participants recognized how using the CUBE platform would give them the ability to create clear objectives for their sales teams.
  • An easy way to track sales results?
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    • We surveyed the same group about sales tracking and found that 80% of the participants are currently tracking sales using traditional methods such as in-house database software or spreadsheets. The other 20% are using CRM software. A comparison of both groups showed that the sales manager using a CRM system produced better sales results and that the amount of time spent conducting sales meetings was 60% lower than that of the group not currently using a CRM.
    • CUBE users participating in the survey expressed how the SALES ANALYSIS tool allows them to monitor sales progress in real time and increase communication across the sales staff
  • Looking for a way to increase accountability from your sales staff?
    • The answer to this question is a derivative from the first two questions. Sales managers who have a clear sales target and an effective way to track sales results enjoy high levels of accountability from their sales teams. It’s simple. You cannot hold your team accountable if your plan is undefined, even less so if you do not have a good tracking system.
    • A survey of CUBE users found that making sales results public through Sales Dashboard has helped managers to increase team engagement and accountability. In addition, 55% of CUBE users have seen an increase of sales in their companies.
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