“Where Are My Timesheets?!”

Meet Office Manager Heather Russell, from Travis Brothers Building Automation

    • If you want your controls contracting business to make a profit, it’s vital to maintain accurate and descriptive timesheets at all times. You’ll need to know which jobs are profitable and which are not, which employees aren’t pulling their weight and whether there are any areas of potential improvement.
    • For payroll managers, late and inaccurate timesheets are the enemy. It can seem like there’s always at least one person who fails to submit their timesheets, and there are many more who provide insufficient or incorrect data. This compromises the quality of the data and takes up time and resources while the sheets are fixed in order to complete the payroll.
    • If this sounds familiar to you, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Cube’s business management software is designed to combat timesheet problems and to provide an easy-to-use interface that employees can access on their mobile devices.
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    • Of course, we’re more than happy to tell you how good our software is, but don’t just take our word for it. Instead, take a look at what Cube customer Heather Russell, Office Manager at Travis Brothers, has to say.
  • Hi, Heather! Please introduce yourself.
    • Hi! I’m Heather Russell, and I’m the Office Manager at Travis Brothers, where I’ve been in the role for the last seven years.
  • How did you manage timesheets in the past?
    • Before we started using Cube, we used to use a combination of Excel and QuickBooks.
  • What pains did you experience before you started to use Cube?
    • The main problem was that our team often used the wrong job numbers or labor codes. That meant I had to spend most of my time calling employees to get the correct information.
  • How has Cube changed your company?
    • Cube has helped to pull us out of the “paper era”. By allowing project information to be accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, it makes our team much more efficient. Employees no longer need to establish a remote connection to the mother server just to access project information. And we no longer have to spend time calling people and asking them to stop what they’re doing so they can send over the information we need.
  • How has Cube impacted your payroll process?
    • Cube has simplified our timekeeping process, allowing the guys to go straight to the job that they’re working on and to select the correct code. It eliminates the need for printed timesheets and cuts the amount of paper I use in half. It has also sped up the entire payroll process. There are also fewer issues because they have a list of jobs to choose from, instead of having to look the jobs up and risk getting them wrong.
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