Project management made easy

Project management software that helps you organize, plan, track, discuss, and do work.

Get Organized

Create and manage hundreds of projects. Centralizing estimates in a single location increases your productivity by allowing multiple staff members to collaborate.

Stay on Task

Create tasks within projects and assign them to teammates for ownership. Easily pinpoint incomplete tasks that are underperforming and compromising your project deadline.

Prioritize Deadlines

Cube’s gantt chart feature provides full project visibility at a glance. Spot gaps in your timeline that allow you to optimize tasks and resources.

Plan your Week

Visualize your individual, team or project workload and start the week off right! Identify bottlenecks and reassign tasks from one person to another.

Allocate Resources

Resource over-allocation is the number one reason why projects fail. Use Cube to monitor the capacity of each team member and make the necessary changes to keep the project on track.

Schedule Progress Billing

Create progress billing and print it in an A1A form. Cube’s system also allows you to email billing reports to customers from the platform without needing to print the form.

Prevail over RFPs

Missing critical information can cost you thousands of dollars. Easily track and respond to RFPs by utilizing Cube’s forecasting, estimating and resource allocation tools.

Conquer Change Orders

Managing change orders can be a cumbersome process. Cube allows you to track change orders and bill them as they are approved.

Ensure Quality

Utilize flowcharts, checklists, timelines and communication tools to ensure your projects not only meet their deadlines, but also exceed expectations.