Simpler service management

Enjoy simpler service management and stop wasting time on activities such as work orders, service reports, service billing, material requests and service contracts.

Work Orders

Report on task progress, including hours worked and status. Easily link related work orders together and re-open closed work orders.

Documentation & Reporting

Log work performed from the job site via Cube’s mobile friendly application. From the field to the back office, your team has all the tools to invoice, collaborate and schedule services.

Service Billing

Whether you’re working with a service work order or a service contract, create the service billing and send it to your customer via email directly from the platform.

Asset Tracking

Track and document installed vs uninstalled equipment at each site, track specific parts and add documents such as pictures and instruction manuals.


Visualize your individual, team or project workload and start the week off right! Identify bottlenecks and reassign tasks from one service vendor to another.

Mobile Access

View your schedule, assignments, easily navigate to the job site and track hours worked - all while on the go via a mobile friendly interface.