Manage your entire business
from a single platform.

Sales CRM, projects, service, inventory and more

Why is Cube perfect for your contracting business?


Cube delivers 10x the value of competing products

Our platform allows you to effortlessly manage sales, projects, service, parts,inventory, subcontractors and human resources to create controls estimates from a single platform.

Cube is the most comprehensive platform

Built by controls contractors for controls contractors, Cube is the only platform on the market with everything you need to run your business.

Cube gives you the room you need to grow

Start with a single module and a couple of users. Easily add more users and modules as and when you need them.

Cube doesn’t require special hardware There’s no need for expensive equipment or IT maintenance. We’ll manage the software while you concentrate on growing your business.

Manage Your Entire Business from a Single Platform


Cube is the only comprehensive business management software for the HVACR industry. Developed by controls contractors for controls contractors, Cube reduces paperwork and costs while increasing efficiency and revenue.

Join the mobile revolution

In order to manage your projects, staff and clients in the very best possible way, you need information at your fingertips. Cube allows you to access your account from anywhere, at any time. Your data is always available, securely stored in the cloud, ready to be accessed via your laptop, tablet or smartphone whenever you need it.

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We know this is a big step towards a better future. You will not do it alone

We understand that a change in management software can be the key to unlocking your business potential. But we also understand that change can be unsettling.

Our comprehensive platform is intuitive and easy-to-use, but to make sure you are 100% comfortable, we are always here to back you up by offering unlimited free training, step-by-step workflows and a dedicated customer service team.

See what our customers have to say about how cube help their bussiness.

Take a look at Cube, it transformed my company for the better.

Since implementing Cube almost two years ago my companies productivity has increased significantly. Our sales increased 41% last year, and I attribute it to Cube and how it helps our sales force track customer details and allows our team to collaborate on projects from anywhere real-time. Our service business has seen significant growth due to streamlining our service process from the initial contact to billing, increasing customer satisfaction. Cube has taken our company out of the stone age of spreadsheets and into the lead in our market. Thanks to the entire Cube team for all of your support and guidance!.

Dan Travis
CEO, Travis Brothers Building Automation Inc, Texas

Our service department runs 100 % on the Cube.

Its fully integrated nature and the instant availability of site info makes our techs jobs easier and reduces paperwork and increases efficiency.

John McDonald
Technical Services Dept. Mgr,
Automated Buildings Inc, Florida

Customer service is a dream!

Every time I have an issue I send an email and receive a quick response. Cube has helped our company organization by putting information at the fingertips of all of our Departments.

Heather Russell
Office Manager
Travis Brothers, Texas

Very happy to discover Cube!

Because Cube is designed specifically for our industry, it has become much more than a CRM. We use it for estimating, service scheduling, and finance, sales, HR and customer management.

Leigh Twiford
Chief Administrative Officer
Conexus Inc, Pennsylvania

Highly recommend Cube!

The cube has helped my company manage our sales process, customer projects, and employees much more efficiently. As a fast growing company, the Cube has helped keep complex tasks simple and streamlined.

Anthony Will
Chief Excecutive Officer
Brand Resurrection, Colorado

Cube really makes my life easy!

As the owner of a small company I do not have the time to invest in complicated system and this software it is very easy to use.

Dennis Ibanes
PCA, Florida

Cube really makes my life easy!

As the owner of a small company I do not have the time to invest in complicated system and this software it is very easy to use.

Dennis Ibanes
PCA, Florida